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SG-4C Screws & Product Manual Update

Hello SG4C Demon owners. I am Bob from I sell Cross products on my website and I was instrumental in getting many other sellers involved with selling Cross trucks. I help Cross RC (Asia) with warranty problems so you don’t have to wait for months for replacements or send stuff overseas. I do however, now and then have to order replacements and I have to pay to have the items shipped here from China with my normal orders. If I help you there is a shipping charge to send the parts to you. I don’t get re-reimbursed for that in any way. Lately a few people have found that there are a couple screws missing from their kits. It happened when they changed axles mid production. I found out and immediately had Cross RC send me screws and nuts to install in all my kits and the Distributors kits. Unfortunately, some kits (not ones I sold) are missing those screws.

I am showing you were in the manual it asks for these screws and what it should look like built. Yes, there was an error in the manual and we are working always to improve and correct this. This is their first shot at a Crawler and there are now around 1500 in the market and most haven’t had a problem building. (We built several different models in house) They are very high-quality parts and they are quite meticulous with their packing and making sure everything is there. If I can help you let me know, but the dealer you bought it from should also be able to help you. Thank you, Bob.

4 thoughts on “SG-4C Screws & Product Manual Update

  1. memoryworm says:

    Hey guys, can you shed some little get on why cross wants the shocks mounted upside down on the sg4c?

    1. Shawn Black says:

      If you look at the instructions and the way the rear shock mount is on the rear cross member, this is just speculation, the cap would hit the cross member. By mounting it upside down the eyelet is long enough to clear the cross member. When you upgrade to the rear shock relocating kit this becomes unnecessary.

      P.S. We also just noticed mounting them this way prevents loss of the spring cup when the shock extends all the way out.

  2. Andy Niedzwiecke says:

    There is a lot of play in the driveline. The wheels move back and forth quite a bit. Is there a fix for this?

    1. Shawn Black says:

      Proper shimming of the axles should eliminate most of the free play.

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