• 2x Yeah Racing 20kg waterproof metal gear servos
  • 1x HobbyWing 1080wp esc
  • Factory cross light kit
  • Factory cross sk1 sound module with speaker from Cross rc.
  • Cross R/C motor fan

The whole package works either really well, the truck drives very realistically and due to the weight performs really really well even on a 2s 5200mah lipo.  I ran the truck for 2 hours and didn’t finish a single battery, very impressive given all the electrics running the whole time.

Over all this kit is nothing short of spectacular.  The flagship version has so many extra goodies you wouldn’t expect like a full set of Cross rc hex drivers!

Keep your eye out for footage of The Black Russian on my YouTube channel and instagram! Also more build details on Burdon’s custom rc builds group on facebook!

The Black Russian

Project Information

The first thing you think when that box turns up is, my god how heavy is this thing! Upon opening it up and unboxing it during a BCRC live feed, I couldn’t help but get excited about the build before it even began due to the amount of parts, the quality of everything I could see in the box, the crazy scale details… so much joy already.

The kit itself was a really fun build and easier than one would expect for a truck so in depth and detailed.  It doesn’t take a huge amount of time before you get the excitement of putting the chassis together and getting an idea of true size of this beast.

Once the chassis was complete it was time to move onto the body, planning out the paint, the theme and how I’d do it all.

I wanted to go for a worn, rusty, almost barn find look with a scary horror element as everyone else was doing pure military.

I laid down some brown and red on all the body parts, then semi gloss black.  Once the paint dried I wet sanded areas until the brown and shown through with the appearance of rust.  Once that was achieved all over I did some custom weathering with Tamiya kits, then I semi gloss cleared the whole truck.

After that, the interior, such a greatly detailed area that has a world of options in itself.  Going with the horror theme I was sure to include all the tools and details to portray that you really don’t want to end up in this truck.

MaterialsPlastic, Metal