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BC8 Interior Light Kit

Interior light kit for the Cross RC BC8 trucks. Includes dash and dome lights.

BC8 Ladder

Cross RC scale step ladder for the Cross RC BC8 trucks.

BC8 Latch & Wiper Set

Replacement rubber BC8 latch and wiper set.

BC8 Suspension Set

BC8 torsion bar and bracket set for the front suspension on the Cross RC BC8 trucks.

Black Rock Tire Pair 115/45/1.9

$44.99 $34.99
Cross Black Rock 1.9″ Tires with foam inserts. Cross RC Demon and other 1.9″ crawlers.

Body Post Set FR4

Cross RC body post set f/r for the Cross RC FR4.

Bumper Set

Cross RC front & rear bumper set for the Cross RC Fr4/SU4 series trucks. Finished in white.

Bumper Set FR/SU

Cross RC front and rear bumpers for the Cross RC FR4/SU4 series trucks. Finished in chrome.